Innovation Platform in Region Västra Götaland

We Help You Identify Needs for Innovation

The Innovation Platform enables innovators and businesses to create competitive solutions to meet real healthcare needs. We help you gain user insights throughout the entire product and service lifecycle.

We Connect You with the Right People

As an official part of Region Västra Götaland, we act as a key link between healthcare and innovators or businesses. Based on your needs for clinical involvement, we connect you with suitable healthcare partners.

We Guide You Through the Process

To facilitate in product and service development, we provide guidance on healthcare support processes, e.g. IT and procurement. As part of the region’s healthcare sector, we ensure regulatory compliance during collaboration with healthcare partners.


Daniel Karlsson
Project Manager
+46(0)700-20 78 97

Erik Mårtensson Djäken
Project Manager
+46(0)700-82 59 65

Maria Holmén
Project Manager
+46(0)702-16 00 56

Visiting address: Per Dubbsgatan 14, 413 45 Gothenburg